Beagle Jumping

Beagle JumpingWhen you decide to bring home a Beagle puppy, you must be prepared to take the responsibility they will come with. These dogs are cute and look very innocent. Most dog owners are deceived by these looks and tend to overlook any developing problems in beagles thinking that they will go away or they cannot get any worse. It is true that by just looking as a beagle, the only thing that comes to mind is a cuddly friendly pet that can never harm a fly. Beagles, being dogs are susceptible to problems that affect canines and one of the most annoying behaviors is Beagle jumping.

Most Beagle puppies will tend to jump around, on people and object. This is a fun thing to watch, but an adult Beagle jumping on small children is not the best of event to happen. Beagles are energetic dogs and can jump at you for quite a long time before they tire. They were bred to hunt and hunting involves jumping over undergrowth and streams. This trait has not disappeared and thus it is something you will need to take care of when you can. The best time to prevent this behavior is when your Beagle is still a puppy.   This does not mean that all hope is lost when you are dealing with an adult jumping Beagle.

The first step towards treating beagle jumping effectively is finding out why your dog is jumping. This will help you in solving the problem. Most people think that their jumping puppies are adorable, it is important to know that if this behavior does not stop, your dog will become annoying and dangerous especially when around young children. Most people have no idea why their dogs are jumping on objects or people and thus they treat them badly or encourage their dogs to keep on jumping. With time this behavior can develop into a serious and harmful condition.

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The main reason behind Beagle jumping is dominance. Dominance issues are related to territorial traits and the fact that your dog thinks that there is no alpha in the pack. They will therefore feel that they have dominance over you and will develop the jumping behavior. The remedy to this issue is ensuring that you let your dog know that you are the boss of the pack and they should respect and obey you. This can be done successfully when your puppy is still young.

It is possible to treat Beagle jumping adults through persistence and patience. You should ignore your dog completely to make sure that they know that jumping is not something you like. When they jump at you move away and do not even look at them. This way they will learn that it is not the best way to say hello. You can time their jumps and move away. With time, they get tired of the jumping and will notice that it is not something you entertain. Just make sure you are consistence to train your dog out of the jumping behavior.

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